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What is SCPASA?

SCPASA, also known as Southern California Pilipinx American Student Alliance, is a non-profit organization that envisions a space where Pilipinx-Americans come together to build a supportive network aimed toward helping one another surpass cultural, social, and professional boundaries to engender positive change within each other’s lives.

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In honoring our roots of advocacy and resistance, SCPASA strives to empower Southern California Pilipinx collegiate organizations and students to help realize change within our community through a culture of unity, political action, professional development, and collective struggle.

Mission Statement

Our Guiding Pillars "CAKE"

  • Community –  Essential to our mission, our dedication to the community is founded upon the history of California’s Pilipinx students and workers who cultivated unity through collective action, community empowerment, and intersectional solidarity.

  • Advocacy – Built upon the backs of those who came before us, advocacy is central to our objectives as we work to seed change, fight against inequity and inequality, and pursue justice through avenues of community and political action.

  • Kulture – The unifying force that leads our community, culture is inherent to our collectiveness and identity. Beyond prevalent cultural artifacts, culture is defined by our resistance against colonialism and imperialism, preserving the richness of our history and people.

  • Education – As students and lifelong learners, our ability to study, critique, and educate is crucial toward building politically aware, culturally responsible, and critically conscious individuals capable of analyzing the needs of our community.


The purpose of SCPASA shall be: To support the SCPASA member organizations, to promote closer unity and cooperation amongst Pilipinx-American students in Southern California by coordinating meetings and events, to maintain and propagate the cultural and historical heritage of Pilipinx-Americans, to promote awareness of the cultural, academic, social, political, and community aspects of this organization, to mobilize and enact positive change in the community, to provide the development of leadership skills, opportunities, and training.

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